Jul 2, 2016

I'm Back!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. A little over a month, actually, which is much longer than I ever wanted to be away from this blog! I left with no warning, so I’ll try to explain it a bit more now.

I’ve mentioned that I’m mentally ill, and because of this I became very overwhelmed by the middle of May. I had finals to prepare for in early June, and I had tons of work to make up before the year ended. Just the thought of reading a book each week and putting together a review was exhausting, and so I did what I did best; I ran away for a bit.

Why have I not been back on since the school year ended? Well, the week after school got out I think that all I did was sleep. I’ve been “recovering” from the year, and I just haven’t feel ready to add another task to my to-do list every week.

I”ve missed this, though! I am more than ready to be back, and I’ve remade my to-read list in preparation. I’ve got five books in the pile at the moment, but goodness knows that it will grow.

Not much has been happening since I posted last. I took my finals, which I did alright on, although not as well as I did last year. I don’t really care, though - I was just ready for the year to be over!

I went on vacation for a bit, and I got a lot of my own writing done then. I think I’ve written more in the past three weeks than I had in the six months before that, so that was pretty satisfying.

I’m in a better spot than I was when I last posted, so hopefully there will be no more month-long absences! A new review will be up next Monday (the 11th), and I’ll officially be posting again.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around while I was gone. I’m really excited to be back again!

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